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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

5 Reasons I Started Blogging

1. I am an over-sharer.

It is moderately easy for me to get an eye brow raise out of my friends and family when I'm telling a story, because I have a tendency to over-share. What better place to ease the burden on them by over-sharing with you! In all seriousness, I love to tell stories about things I have experienced, observed, or maybe even overheard. As a teacher I have a natural tendency to teach. Imagine that? I believe we learn best from experiences and experimenting, even if not by our own hand. By starting a blog, I will get to share those experiences and stories. Maybe we will even learn something along the way.

2. I love all things design-y.

I love to design. I often am asked why I chose to become an art teacher (which is less than secure both financially and otherwise) over becoming a graphic designer (much more financially and opportunity stable). The answer is I didn't! I chose to do both. I love teaching and I knew that I had to go to school to follow my passion for instilling curiosity and exploration in young minds. My love for design, however, is right up there. I design for myself , my friends and my family. I drool over a well designed magazine, website or blog. While teaching is my day job, I wanted to experiment with my own design skills and strategies in the world of blogging. 

3. I am always looking for adventure.

Don't let me fool you, I spend plenty of time binge watching my favorite shows on Netflix just as much as everyone else. But in between spurts of laziness, I crave excitement.  Excitement for me is nearly the same as curiosity. Find something new, give it a swing, and BAM! Excitement. My partner in crime and live in man friend is and avid outdoorsman, so I get to experience plenty of adventure in our hunting, fishing, and camping extravaganzas. I'm looking for a little adventure of my own, just for me (and anyone reading) so enter stage right: Blogging.

4. I am a generous person.

That might be putting it lightly. I am an overly generous person with my own time and talents. I over commit to help others because I can't say no! It's genetics. Growing up, I watched my amazing mother volunteer for everything and then some. I value the giving spirit my mother has. If you need anything, anything at all, she can make it happen. The way she has so selflessly given her time to so many people, events, and causes over my youth has instilled in me the urge to help. So yes, if you are wondering, I was the kid who's hand shot straight up the millisecond a teacher asked for help with this or that. I still am. Only now I am the teacher and I can't say no to my principals! This blog is sure to be a direct reflection of the urge to share with and help others. I will share my ideas, advice, tutorials, recipes, and my experiences in hopes that it helps someone in someway.

5. I love what I do.

I could scream from the rooftops I love the things I do in my life so much. Maybe that is what  I am doing here.  Screaming to share that I love what I do. Teaching, adventuring, creating, and living. I hope to help you love what you do to. Love begets love. So lets get sharing.

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