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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

In the Classroom: Clay Houses

I love when a plan falls together, and these Kinder clay project certainly did. We made clay discs and the kiddos had a ton of random "tools" to make imprints into the clay. We talked a lot about being careful not to punch all the way through, and that their picture should be a house. They have full creative control on how they achieve this task.

When we got them back from the kiln, the kiddos went to town with some oil pastels, the more color the better. Then with my help, they painted over the top of their whole piece with watered down black tempura paint. This is scary for a little kiddo, because they believe we have just ruined everything! But with a lot of positivity on how great they did, we move to the sink, where they rinse off their work and see the magic.

It really is magic to them that the black only sticks where they didn't color. These turn out amazing no matter the age level or skill level. It is also a super inexpensive way to color the outside of their work (think budget friendly!).

Enjoy these Kinder beauties!

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