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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Easy Valentines Day Wreath

Even if all other decorations remain in their box during holidays, I always make up a quick grapevine wreath on my entrance door. I love the way a wreath looks, it is classy and also provides a little holiday flare. I never buy supplies specifically for my wreaths. I always challenge myself to use stuff I already have in the house. For Valentines I scavenged my craft supplies for pink and pretty things. I found some old hot pink faux daisys and some pretty paper from a package I got on a smokin deal at a craft store last year. 

Start with a plain wreath.

No glue required, just poke in some flowers until you like the arrangement.

I cut out some hearts from my pretty paper and stuck those in too. Use the natural form of the grapevine to help keep the paper in the wreath. 

TaDa! Easy, fast and cute!

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