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Thursday, January 8, 2015

5 Apps Every Creative Person Should Have. Seriously.

It is so important to your creative juices to get off your devices every once in a while, but lets face it, we have our phones with us all the time. They can be aides in documenting, inspiration, creating digital works of art, and living creatively. These apps are absolute favorite, and if you love to be creative, these apps are perfect to integrate into your mobile life.

1. [Balanced] We all need a little help keeping our lives balanced. You can customize this application to give you gentle reminders to do certain tasks. Want to make sure that you create something at least twice a week? Want to try and write a letter to a loved one more ofter? All you have to do is set it up. The beautiful design and seamless interface allows you to add any task to your list and how often you want to try and do it. When you do that task, you mark it off. It gently reminds you if you haven't done something in a while, with a simple notification. No crazy alarms shaming you for being behind on your goals. This is perfect for me because it helps me keep my creativity and work balanced by reminding me to do a little of both.

2. [Artsy] If you are an artist or you just love to look at great art, you need this app. This comprehensive and always growing collection of art is so easy to use. Inspiring, high resolution imagery glues you to your screen. You can browse by featured work, subject matter, medium, style or movement. It has everything from contemporary art to the old masters. You can even browse current shows around the world. Im a sucker for great design, and this app has it.  

3. [VSCOcam] This might be the most sophisticated free photo editing app I have ever used. You can create really beautiful edits right on your phone and easily upload them to any social media, or straight to your camera roll. When your editing on the go, this app is a must, and its free so who can complain. Try it out.

4. [Instasize] I love Instagram, its a quick and visually dynamic way to document life. However, I get completely frustrated by the square constraints on my photos...who needs that noise? Enter Instasize. While this app has many features, the most useful to me is the ability to post photos with sidebars so I can avoid cropping my perfectly proportioned photos. You can also do some limited editing and add text or stickers to your photos. But seriously....don't make me crop unless I want to.

5.[Pintrest] How could you not have this on your phone. It probably already is if your are a creative person. Just in case you have been under a rock and haven't brought Pinterest with you on the go...go get it now. Pinterest has become more than a platform for creating and sharing ideas, it is also become a business resource. It is a place where entrepreneurs, artists, bloggers, small businesses and so many more people can promote and share their work with others. So I know you already use Pinterest, but please bring it with you. Its handier than you think.

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