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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are You Taking the Place You Live for Granted?

The place you live is beautiful and I can prove it. How can I make such a statement without knowing where you live? I know, because beauty is not a finite description. You find beauty where you look for it. Its all about the lens you look through. I carry some form of a camera with me at all times, and I am always surprised to hear people say things like, "What could you possibly be taking a picture of?" or "You want a picture of that?" We tend to look at objects that we use and our surroundings for their purpose and take for granted their form. You see a patch of weeds that won't die, I see a series of colors and lines. You see the road that gets you from here to there, and I see the colors that make up the cement.

Okay, maybe that is romanticizing things a little bit. Still, when is the last time you truly look around the place you live everyday? My partner in crime and my live in man friend, is an avid outdoorsman. Which means we take every opportunity to go hunting, fishing, or spending time outdoors. I have ample opportunity to appreciate the beautiful place  I live, but sometimes I forget to look. To really look. Don't take for granted the beauty in your daily surroundings.

Don't forget to look.

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