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Friday, December 12, 2014

The Secret To A Memorable Christmas Tree

If it was socially acceptable to have a Christmas tree up year round, I would be that girl. I have to force myself not to put my tree up too early. This year I was semi-successful, I made it to the weekend before Thanksgiving. I am always thankful to have my tree up early once December hits, because when the mad rush comes I have one thing checked off my list. I love to decorate my tree, and the thing I love most is making it personal. My trees are a hybrid of my own making and store bought, and definitely all my own.

The secret to making a memorable tree? Simple. Make it your own. Making your own style means, mixing things you buy with things you found around the house and with things you've made.

This is my Christmas tree this year. I say "this year", because it is always changing! I have never decorated my tree the same way twice. I add new things, take old things away, change the colors and change them back. My tree has some bought items (burlap, poinsettias, sprays, and berry) , some homemade items (paper ornaments) , some things from around the house (pheasant feathers and buttons) , and some family heirlooms.

If you can only add one thing to your tree to make it look fabulous, it would be sprays. You know the twigs, berry, and sparkly fake stems? They make a tree look complete.

My homemade ornaments this year stem from a tradition my grandmother started. Ever since I can remember she has had a tall skinny tree in the living room that had only one kind of ornament; handmade name ornaments. Small red apples with white puffy paint names on them. Everyone in our family (dead or alive) has a special ornament all to themselves. My favorite thing to do when I was a little girl was to immediately upon arrival to her house around Christmas, find my name.

So I have started my own name ornaments. Mine are a little less permanent, as they are made of paper, but I will continue to hang some version of name ornaments on my tree for years to come.

The secret to making a memorable tree, is simply to make it your own. Don't let the idea of perfection ruin how beautiful a personal and slightly messy tree can be!

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